Servicing ("Microntech backs up what it sells") At Microntech Engineers, our first priority is to give excellent service back-up. We have designed our service program to cut down on customer's production and maintenance costs. Our main focus is on:

  • Tools should be used to their capacity as it will make the production more efficient
  • Tools work better with a Preventive Maintenance Program
  • Tools should be correctly adjusted for the application
  • Airline should be periodically checked for pressure flow, air quality, leakages, pressure drops etc.
  • Status of all the tools on your production line should be checked periodically
  • The power efficiency (l/kWs) of the tools running on your line
  • Required Back-up tools and equipment management
  • Maintenance and failure history of tools and other equipment
  • Repair and maintenance data
  • Microntech's Rudrapur office was setup in year 2013 to expand Microntech's presence in Northern India.
  • Today we offer complete assembly solutions with quality products sourcing from different associates around the world. To support our valued customers we have offices in Delhi, Noida, Rudrapur, Chennai and Pune, and our resident engineers are providing service to our customers in Jamshedpur, Bangalore, Lucknow, Aurangabad and Myanmar.

Microntech's Service program:

Microntech Engineers offer different service programs depending on the requirement of the customer. Some things we majorly focus on in our servicing programs are:

  • Operator training
  • Spare parts forecasting
  • Complete installation
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Line Analysis
  • Failure analysis

In most of our service programs we have on-site service setup to provide the best possible service to our customerin their premises only. To know the best possible service program, that fits in to your assembly needs, contact us at