Kilews Torque Display Nutrunners

Now Industry 4.0, assembly date collection and integration is becoming a must. So for this Kilews’s latest invention KL-CTDS and KL-TCG is able to display tightening torque, output tightening torque, output tightening status, storage tightening torque and together with error proof functions.

Yokota Pneumatic System Wrench

Yokota has developed pneumatic system wrench for the purpose of tightening bolts at a very high speed with accuracy. Yokota pneumatic system wrench has features like: - count bolts in a group, detection of tightening error like under & above tightening, double hit, cross thread, free bolt. Pneumatic system wrench can be integrated with production line control system.

Kilews Screw Feeder

Kilews screw feeders has precise vibration control that allows feeding of many different screw types and sizes. It improves productivity by dispensing screws for easy pickup. It has adjustable rail for screw sizes ranging form 0.8mm to 5mm. Kilews Screw Feeder has individual driver motors for vibration and feeding which makes it much more efficient. It has a very small size

Kilews Cordless Tools

Microntech is channel partner of Kilews in India. Kilews is regarded as the most premier manufacturer of clutch technology tools. Kilews Cordless Tools have been made with same technology as Kilews Electric Screwdrivers (which have been very successful all over the world). Kilews Cordless Tools come in various categories depending on usage and function

Kilews Electric Screwdriver

Electric screwdrivers are not much different than conventional screwdrivers. They both serve the common purpose of tightening screws and loosening them, with the main difference between them is their power source driving them.

Kilews Screwdriver Clutches and Their Repeatability

Kilews Electric Screwdrivers provided by Microntech Engineers have a mechanical shut-off clutch which is engineered to provide very good torque repeatability. When a fastener is being installed, the screwdriver’s clutch is a key component in the process


Kilews Industrial Co. Ltd., is a leading manufacturer of adjustable clutch electric screwdrivers for fastening application in assembly lines. Kilews Electric Screwdriver is regarded as best quality electric screwdrivers in India and has very high reputation in market.

KILEWS Brushless Tools

Kilews Brushless Tools are the most robust tools in the market with torque range upto 50Nm and high speed upto 2200 rpm. Kilews Brushless Tools are the most unique and powerful screwdrivers used globally. It is not only non-carbon but also low noise and low voltage equipment with highly stable torque output. Kilews Brushless Fully Automatic Electric Screwdriver has a DC brushless motor.

Electric Screwdrivers In India

Electric screwdrivers are not much different from the conventional manual screwdrivers. They both serve the same purpose of tightening or loosening screws, with the main difference being the power source driving that force. Instead of manual operation

Electric Screwdriver Tool

Clutch Screwdrivers offer great benefits to manufacturers with their clutch technology, which offers very good repeatability with high quality tightening at an affordable cost. Clutch screwdrivers are an upgrade from Impact Screwdrivers which offered

Torque Testers

Most common applications for torque testing are in fastening and specially with products with rotating parts such as motors, engines or transmissions. By checking and analysing the torque characteristics in such applications it is possible

Transducerized Pulse Tools

With the benefits of ergonomics and speed, the popularity of pulse tools is growing. Their major benefit to assembly operators is that they produce little torque reaction. They also have a good combination of speed and torque.

Pneumatic Tools India

Microntech is a premier supplier in Pneumatic Assembly Solutions. With experience of over 3 decades Microntech has an experienced team that can provide the most value added solution to your most critical of needs. Microntech provide Yokota Japan Pneumatic

Transducerized Pulse Tools

Microntech provides Yokota Transducerized pulse tools, which gives high value to customer as you get the accuracy and reliability with high speed tightening. Yokota’s pneumatic system wrenches have been in market for a long time

Microntech's Smart Industrial Torque Display

With Indian Manufacturers moving towards Industry 4.0, it is becoming mandatory to have data collection and line integration, conventional electric screwdrivers in India are not able to meet this requirement. With Kilews's new invention KLCTDS/KL-MCTDS

Pneumatic Tools India

Pneumatic Tools when introducer back in the days revolutionized the way assembly is done. They shortened the assembly time drastically leading to more production at low labor cost. Pneumatic tool has been upgraded in technology

Short Note On Cordless Nutrunner

Cordless Nutrunner are the future of assembly industry as they offer benefits that their corded counterparts can not offer. The market is slowly but steadily shifting towards cordless technology for assembly and so are the manufacturers

Cordless Nutrunner

Kilews Cordless Nutrunner find great use in automobile industry owing to its super durable motor, high carbon steel clutch and ergonomic design. Kilews Cordless tool provide unique benefits to manufacturer as Kilews Cordless tool provides torque upto 22Nm in pistol orientation, 60Nm in angle orientation and 4.5Nm in straight orientation, these torque values are way above the torque available in other tools present in market.

Cordless Tools And Its Uses

Cordless drills are highly comprehensive machines that really live up to their name are as these don't make use of any wiring for operation. All these tools need are rechargeable batteries, allowing user to snap in a battery pack and enjoy instant drill power without the need of a power cord.

Pulse Tools And Its Uses

The manufacturing business has got extensive functions and the tasks must be completed with accuracy within a certain time. This is where pulse tools are capable of being handy. These effective machines can be used in diverse areas and have always been the favorite choice

Poka Yoke Systems Manufacturing

Poka yoke Test Systems for Battery Tool are used for bolt tightening where accuracy & portability is important. The normal battery tools available do not possess OK / NOT OK feedback signals for interfacing to PLC systems.

Best Cordless Tools

The cordless tools are easier to use in the typical tool box which includes a drill and/or drill/drivers, table saw, and reciprocating saw. Small, lightweight, usually handheld, cordless power tools do not need an external power source.

Grinding Wheel Specification

The grinding wheel can be used with pneumatic tools and electric grinders. An expensive wheel that is used for precision grinding work is usually dressed and trued, or calibrated, after a period of use, to ensure its performance is maintained and usable life extended.

Pneumatic Tools & Equipments

Pneumatic tools and equipments are everywhere in important inventions, however, they are relatively unknown to the general public. The hand bellows used by early smelters and blacksmiths for working iron and metals was a simple type of air compressor

Types Of Screwdrivers And Their Uses

An electric screwdriver is a special assembly tools used for tightening screws and bolts. It works with a mechanism of torque and rotating shaft which comprises of a cylindrical shaped handle. The handle of the shaft is made in a way to handle the position

Assembly Tool

Having experience of more than two decades we have become the leading manufacturer and importer of assembly tools and tooling systems for the manufacturing industries. Today, our company offers the industry a wide selection of specialized

Poka Yoke Means

Poka Yoke system has been developed by an engineer names Shigeo Shingo. It is a quality management concept which restricts human error in the manufacturing line. Poka Yoke means " to reduce errors". The main aim is to get minimal defects

What is Pneumatic Tools

Pneumatic tools are similar in appearance and function to electric hand tools, such as sanders, grinders, drills, saws and impact wrenches, but are powered by compressed air, rather than by electricity, and are generally less expensive to operate

What is Poka Yoke System

Poka yoke is more of a concept than a procedure. The term poka-yoke was applied by Shigeo Shingo in the 1960s to industrial processes designed to prevent human errors. Shingo redesigned a process in which factory workers, while assembling a small switch, would often

How To Use Electric Screw Driver

Electric Screwdriver is becoming one of the most common tools used in assembly lines all over the world. Over the years, several advancements have been brought in the technology of these tools, which has in turn helped in fulfillment