Microntech's Smart Industrial Torque Display

Electric Screwdrivers India

With Indian Manufacturers moving towards Industry 4.0, it is becoming mandatory to have data collection and line integration, conventional electric screwdrivers in India are not able to meet this requirement. With Kilews's new invention KLCTDS/KL-MCTDS you are able to display tightening torque, output tightening torque, output tightening status, store tightening torque and have many error proofing functions. KL-CTDS is also able to prevent errors from tightening torque, tightening number of threads, and tightening time. With various I/O, KL-CTDS can be connected to your PLC and integrated with your automation equipment and output assembly status instantly to your server by Ethernet or WIFI for traceability.

This upgraded smart electric screwdriver from Microntech is available till 50Nm torque and has same reliable and accurate clutch of SKD series screwdrivers. With the features available from KLCTDS it makes a reasonable for manufacturers to upgrade from conventional screwdrivers to this smart tool as the price impact is not much. Also compact size of controller helps in easy mounting and space utilization. With the KL-MCTDS5 series you can have 5 tools connected to one controller which saves further on cost and space of installation, also with KL-MCTDS you can use different models of electric screwdrivers with different torque values attached to same controller.

Please contact your nearest Microntech branch to have a trial of KLCTDS Smart Electric Screwdrivers. Our experienced team will make sure to show you all the benefits this equipment can provide for your assembly process. Please email at sales@microntechgroup.com or visit our website www.microntechgroup.com for more details. Now Microntech is present in 12 cities in India with innovative assembly solutions, please find the branch from our website nearest to your location and request for a demo.