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Microntech is the premier supplier of high quality assembly solutions, including Poke Yoke Systems, Transdcuerized Fastening, Cordless Technology, Positioning Reaction Arms, and Digitally Traceable Torque Wrenches.

Our goal is to add value to our customers with the most innovative assembly solutions and help them use fewer resources while accomplishing more.
Microntech has over 30 years of experience with a proven track record for success. Our technical engineers are able to assist with complete assembly applications. We are recognized as technical experts for assembly solutions across India. Headquartered in Delhi, Microntech has a presence in 10 states in India and provides professional technical and sales support to its customers. The facility in Noida, UP is home to our state-of-the-art service facility and training center.
At Microntech, our mission is to provide high-quality assembly solutions and a high degree of responsiveness to empower our customers to be more productive, build a better quality product, and maintain a safe environment for their workers.

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Microntech Philosophy


At Microntech, we are consciously committed to improve sustainability of our business, our country, our planet and everyone in it.


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Application requirement is our driving force to design a solution but we make sure that the solution we deliver, saves resources for our client, which can be energy of operation, cost, human resource etc. For this we constantly try to innovate our solutions.


microntech way of production

Microntech’s products are used on critical joints where tightened bolt should remain tightened. So we make sure to provide products and synchronize them with application, in a way that quality of assembly can be of highest standards.


microntech machine operator

Whenever Microntech makes a machine or provides a solution, we give special thought to operator health. We take all factors into consideration like operating hours, orientation of application, takt time etc. and suggest solutions that are suitable in terms of speed, noise, vibration, handling etc.


microntech production system

We and our channel partners design our products using Japanese concept of Muda or in other words ”Lean Production System” i.e. optimal set of features that can fulfill our client’s needs, instead of giving countless features that add no values to customer requirements


microntech sustainable way of responsibility

At Microntech, we are consciously committed to do our bit to facilitate progress for all humanity, especially the less fortunate and underprivileged. We do our best to be involved in social outreach aimed at uplifting and helping those in need.

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Why Microntech ?

What makes Microntech truly unique is our expertise to offer a solution to the most critical of applications. Microntech always use the requirements of the application as the driving factor for a solution. Microntech has been appreciated in the industry for "Resource Saving", "Optimally Priced", "Right Set of Features", "Simple" and "Transparent". We at Microntech try to live up to all these expectations.

Microntech’s Torque Seminars

When you buy tools from Microntech you get an opportunity to attend our Tool Training Seminars. The objective of the Tool Training Seminar is to make your team aware of the technical aspects of tightening and learning how to effectively trouble shoot in order to reduce down time, as well as testing and proper use of the tool for maximum performance.
Microntech has a team of experts that can help you understand the torque process. Torque Seminars are held regularly in our training center located in Noida. Our Tool Training Program has been designed to address all the factors influencing the fastening process. Starting from understanding the mechanics of the fastened joint, exploring how different joints behave, how different tools deliver torque and the difference in torque retention. The knowledge you gain from participating in this program can be applied to almost any assembly process regardless of the tool brand.

Please contact Microntech’s Sales Representative for next Seminar Schedule.

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Assembly Robots

With increased requirement of system integration and data traceability in assembly lines, manufacturers are looking for assembly robots that are dexterous, compact, fast and repeatable. Microntech meets this requirement with Estic Robot System.

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Shutoff Impact Cordless Tool

Manufacturing industry has witnessed rapid upgradation in tightening technologies in last decade. Pneumatic powered technologies saw a constant downfall in demand compared to their electric alternatives.Manufacturers now have more awareness on impact of technology.

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Pulse Tools And Its Uses

The manufacturing business has got extensive functions and the tasks must be completed with accuracy within a certain time. This is where pulse tools are capable of being handy. These effective machines can be used in diverse areas and have always been the favorite choice of a manufacturing operator.

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Social Responsibility

At Microntech we are consciously committed to be involved in social outreach programs and are connected with different NGO's to do our part in helping those in need.

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