Microntech Shutoff Impact Cordless Tool

Manufacturing industry has witnessed rapid upgradation in tightening technologies in last decade. Pneumatic powered technologies saw a constant downfall in demand compared to their electric alternatives. Manufacturers now have more awareness on impact of technology on environment, therefore they prefer energy saving technologies over conventional ones.Impact tools in particular was one of the most widely used tightening tool technology in the world, but due to its low accuracy, high noise and dependence on pneumatic power it constantly lost market share and now constitutes approximately 20% of market share it had earlier. The biggest benefit of an impact technology is speed of tightening, which still no other technology is able to meet. Speed is something that manufacturers expect from tightening system to reduce their takt time. SKC-PTM series that Microntech provides is a wonderful fusion for manufacturers because it combines Impact technology with sensor based intelligent shut off. It gives speed of an impact tool but with reasonably good accuracy. This innovative technology developed in Taiwan in Kilews has already got Tawian Excellence award for its uniqueness and usability in the market.


This system comes in 4 models as of now and goes maximum upto 200Nm, SKC-PTM-50, SKC-PTM-70, SKC-PTM-100 and SKC-PTM-200. It is a cordless system with smart sensor inside that senses the impacts, force and motor current. It has a smart algorithm to determine tightening force requirement and can be fixed at a particular setting after teaching. It comes with a wireless remote which can be used to change the parameters and lock them too.

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