What is AC to DC conversion that take placed..

KILEWS power controllers are a kind of intelligence power controller, Input 100V-240V and 50/60 HZ frequency by AC power source allows. Two kinds of output voltage levels

Microntech Estic SPM fastening Machines..

SPM’s are Special Purpose Machines used and manufactures for a special type of work according to the user requirement . Many of the automation companies make SPM’s like machine for leak test , endurance test etc . Microntech Estic are very famous for making

Microntech Estic DC Nutrunner Vertical Tracer ARM..

Estic has high reputation around the world for its highly durable & reliable products . Estic only manufactures the DC tools categorized in handheld & fixtured . These tools are mainly used for critical processes

Microntech Estic DC Nutrunner axis controller..

Microntech Estic Axis controller has many features , this controller is must to use with every spindle . We can also make it master if needed for machine design . To make a process completely error free process

Choosing between Microntech YOKOTA Dynamic torque tester Vs Static torque tester..

YOKOTA is one of the best manufacturers of assembly tool, the manufacturing headquarter is in Japan. Yokota introduced many types of assembly tools like pneumatic, electric, shutoff, non-shutoff and cordless

Choosing between Microntech KILEWS SKC-PTA(clutch shutoff) & SKC-PTM(impact shutoff)..

KILEWS developed industrial brushless cordless tool series. KILEWSscrewdrivers are compact, light weight, ergonomically designed, and easy to use, less noise, environment friendly with dust free operation.

6 Pin Cable of MICRONTECH Kilews electric screwdriver..

Microntech KILEWS developed industrial brushless electric screwdriver series. KILEWS screwdrivers are compact, light weight, ergonomically designed, and easy to use, less noise, environment friendly with dust free operation.

Why use Microntech Impact sockets instead of commercial hand sockets with YOKOTA pulse tool..

Sockets are the most important part of any fastening process and socket even decide the life of tool , decide the accuracy of tool , decide the noise level and vibration of tool . Use of wrong socket may damage the tool anvil permanently .

Why should a click wrench not be used after tightening an ESTIC DC nutrunner..

As we know, DC nutrunners are very accurate, such as the Estic DC nutrunner, which has ±3% accuracy and can adjust itself based on joint type. We use these high-cost DC nutrunners to improve our process and to get high-quality "process".

How KILEWS high speed tool help in takt time of assembly line..

This is exactly right, but people tend to get confused on what constitutes “available time.” The “pure” definition is typically to require the entire shift time(s) and subtract breaks, meetings, and other administrative non-working time.

How does degree of Rotation results in different resultant Torque on Different Join?..

Joints plays very important role in fastening . The nature of joint decide through their tightening material like material of bolt material of nut or washer type , rubber gasket etc . Joints are of various types , like Hard Joint , Soft Joint etc .

Battery Specs for KILEWS Impact ..

Microntech recently introduced Intelligent shutoff Impact Screwdriver SKC-PTM series Torque Range as 5N.m~50N.m, 20Nm ~70Nm & 20N.m~100N.m. Kilews Cordless Tools use super performance Li-ion battery having durable lifetime.

Battery Specs for KILEWS Clutch ..

Microntech presents Automatic Shut- off Industrial Cordless Brushless Power Torque Screwdrivers Series. High performance brushless motor and lithium-ion battery are adopted for all Kilews cordless shut off screwdrivers for industrial purpose.

What is use of PU hose between airline and ..

The PU (Polyurethane) pipe combines the required properties of plastic and also of rubber. It offers abrasion and tear resistance, high tensile and elongation values, and low compression set. Polyurethane is naturally flexible and exhibits virtually unlimited flexural abilities.

What is a compressor? How does it generates ..

A compressor is a device which is use to convert power into a stored potential energy in term of pressurized air by using electric motor, diesel or gasoline engine. Air compressor force the air into a storage tank and when the storage becomes full, the air compressor shutoff.

How is kilews electric screwdriver best tool for ..

Kilews is a leading manufacturer of clutch electric screwdriver and is represented in India by Microntech, India’s most experienced and respected assembly solution provider. The main purpose of this screwdriver is fastening the application so that clamp force is developed and two surfaces are held together.

Why production volume and number of screw ..

For any assembling line important data for tightening the application is time, because all manufacturing company have predefined target for production. And according to the production volume manufacturing company calculate the screw tightening time and takt time (Takt time of any assembly line is an expression of your customer demand normalized and leveled over the time you select to supply

What is troubleshooting for Microntech KILEWS..

If you are interested in implementation of industrial-grade, Microntech KILEWS electric screwdrivers with smart tightening technology, high-precision screwdriver is just perfect for you. KILEWS developed automatic industrial brushless electric screwdriver series.

What is carbon powder pollution in brush ..

Brush electric screwdriver, brushed DC electric motor is used in this motor carbon brushes are used. The function of carbon brushes is to collect current from the commutator & supply it to the external load circuit (the armature of the machine being connected

VIN function in Microntech Estic Handy Nutrunner..

Manufacturers today want all the tightening data of each application for safety purposes. Although Microntech can save 33000 Records of tightening in Microntech Estic DC Nutrunner controller but we cannot trace that which data is saved for a particular application. So, to identify this we use barcode readers or QR code readers in our process and tightening data save with the reference number of these barcodes.

What is a Master Controller in multi spindle..

Estic fixture tools have two controllers; one is Axis controller & one is Master controller. Axis controller unit is must for every fixture tool but Master unit has its unique features that’s why somewhere it is mandatory to use . But this depends on the need of customer because axis control unit has also the enough features so master

Self tap monitor function in Microntech Estic..

“Self-tap monitor function” of Microntech Estic DC Nutrunner is used when we use self-tap screws in fastening, self-tap fastening creates various problems, to identify and monitor them we have a special option in Microntech Estic Handy Controller which is called Self Tap Monitor Function.