Types Of Screwdrivers And Their Uses

An electric screwdriver is a special assembly tools used for tightening screws and bolts. It works with a mechanism of torque and rotating shaft which comprises of a cylindrical shaped handle. The handle of the shaft is made in a way to handle the position so that the torque can be applied. The screwdrivers are made up of many shapes and it can be rotated either manually or automatically.

It has a specially designed screw with a head and a sharp tip. The electric screw drivers are made in a neat way because of the combination of switch gears, batteries and an electric motor.

This assembly tool offers faster, more secure insertion of screws and helps users to conserve both their energy and their strength as they work.

Torque screwdrivers designed for high volume assembly tools comes in two popular designs: brushless and brush electric motor. Both are good, serve their purpose and will increase productivity in any assembly tools process. The real difference comes down to the longevity of the motor inside them. With brushless motor, there is no maintenance required on the motor since there are no carbon brushes.

Using an electric screwdriver saves users time and energy by automating part of the building process and by allowing them to undertake projects that are more complex.

It is used in India for different applications like drilling and fastening screws on the dry wall. In that case it can be used in the renovations and home improvement projects. In woodwork, it can be used in the construction of cabinets and other types of furniture in homes and offices. This is evident as it can drill screws around the joints of the wooden furniture to make them stable.