Poka Yoke System

Poka yoke devices are made to prevent mistakes. For example, the little bar in your freezer's icemaker,the one that keeps ice from spilling out over the bin-is a poka yoke device.

Poka yoke Test Systems for Battery Tool are used for bolt tightening where accuracy & portability is important. The normal battery tools available do not possess OK / NOT OK feedback signals for interfacing to PLC systems.

Poka-yoke Devices are the major instrument for building Poka-yoke i.e. creative thinking. But the chief devices arei) Unique location devices like guide pins ii) Error detection and alarm systems iii) Limit switches iv) Counters v) Checklists

Uses of poka yoke system and Poka yoke tools in Automotive Industry, Automotive Components Manufacturers, Engine Manufacturers, Process Industry are the proof of their importance.

At an assembly line it is also possible to use it as a process line control unit which ensure that no errors will pass on to the next station.

Poka yoke systems is used in the automotive industry, As Radar and video cameras to monitor the road, Automatic emergency braking, Lane-keeping assist, Electronic stability control, Cross-traffic alerts, Adaptive headlights, Airbags, Seat belt pre-tensioners, Blind spot assistance, EBS braking distributes power evenly. The brake discs expand symmetrically when hot which minimises uneven tear.

Some examples of poka yoke systems in our home are like Micro-wave oven, which does not work until the door is shut, Washing machines only start when the door is closed and cannot be opened until the cycle is over, The earth pin of a electric plug is the first to make contact and opens the protective shield of the neutral and live sockets. The shape of the socket allows for only one way of plugging in therefore preventing short circuiting. I hope this clarifies the meaning of Poka-yoke system and its examples in our day to day life.