Kilews Torque Display Nutrunners

Now Industry 4.0, assembly date collection and integration is becoming a must. So for this Kilews’s latest invention KL-CTDS and KL-TCG is able to display tightening torque, output tightening torque, output tightening status, storage tightening torque and together with error proof functions. These are also able to prevent errors from tightening torque, tightening number of threads, and tightening time. With various I/O, KL-CTDS & KL-TCG can be connected to your PLC and integrated with your automation equipment and output assembly status instantly to your server or private could by Ethernet or WIFI for traceability.KILEWS nuturnners are available with push, Lever or external start operation in torque display system. Torque range availability is from 0.1 to 55 Nm. For clutch type and for transducer type torque range is 0.2 to 7 Nm. So for torque display after tightening form nuturnner required one display system or controller, Nuturnners send signal to display system and display system show the real time torque value in these controllers and in KILEWS there are two types of torque display system available in first is clutch type (KL-CTDS) and other is transducer type (KL-TCG).

kilews screw feeder

These Electric Screwdrivers available with Brushless motor, Noise free and ergonomic operation and also High Carbon Steel clutch is used for super durable life.
kilews screw feeder

There are 3 main features of KILEWS torque display nuturnner KL-CTDS
1. Real Time Data/Status Display – Fastening torque results will display in real time to prevent and detect error immediately. (The results of torque value was calculated by each of fastening peak current, KILEWS has patent on this technology)
2. Data Transmission- Every signal fastening results can be transmission and store in computer or server base on customer demands.
3. I/O port available- Automated production can be achieved by linked with PLC

KL-CTDS is able to display tightening torque, output tightening torque, and output tightening status. Also integrate with PLC & Conveyor for Interlocking.
kilews screw feeder kilews screw feeder


Transducer nuturnners with KL-TCG controller available in KILEWS for torque upto7 NM. Tightening goals (torque/thread) can be set by controller. Users may switch between multiple programs to achieve tightening various tasks.High precision made in Germany torque transducer,Use up to 5 steps per screw tightening Start mode: Lever start / Push start /Lever + push start
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1. OK signal LED
2. NG signal LED
3. OKALL signal LED
4. Four-digit-seven-segment display for torque value

5. Start signal LED
6. Reverse signal LED
7. Disable signal LED
8. 16X4 LCM display setting function

kilews screw feeder