Transducerized Pulse Tools

With the benefits of ergonomics and speed, the popularity of pulse tools is growing. Their major benefit to assembly operators is that they produce little torque reaction. They also have a good combination of speed and torque. This makes them ideal for manual assembly, enabling operators to work the tool with one hand while positioning components with the other hand.

All kinds of pulse tools have some form of direct or indirect torque control. The simplest is a stall torque adjustment in the pulse mechanism that limits torque output. Another option is a shut-off mechanism that stops the tool when the set torque is reached. A third type is equipped with a transducer controller. When the set torque is reached, the tool is shut off by a valve. This type of pulse tool can be used for precision fastening.

The widespread use of Yokota pulse tools in manufacturing plants these days suggests that users have found a workable balance between ergonomics and torque accuracy. Yokota Transducerized pulse tools are used for engine, transmission and body assembly by many OEM's. They provide the speed and accuracy that tightening demands and at the same time is able to sustain high speed production lines.

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