Electric Screwdrivers In India

Electric screwdrivers are not much different from the conventional manual screwdrivers. They both serve the same purpose of tightening or loosening screws, with the main difference being the power source driving that force. Instead of manual operation, by using an electric motor a user is able to accomplish their tightening more efficiently, more accurately and at a lower risk of injury.Under current scenario, there have been emphasis on use of such high productivity & durable electrical screw drivers for numerous application, where conventional methods of screw tightening are way more time consuming and slows down the production rate & quality.

Electric screwdrivers are becoming increasingly popular on assembly line operations due to their usability to increase accuracy, production and tractability while simultaneously lowering cost and risk of operator injuries. Electric screwdrivers from Microntech can reach torque upto 50Nm with option to integrate with assembly line for Pokayoke.

Kilews has introduced their new generation of Electric screwdrivers in India Market through Microntech. Microntech offers a solution to the most critical applications on assembly lines. Microntech always use the requirements of the application as the driving factor for a solution. Microntech has been appreciated in the industry for "Resource Saving", "Optimally Priced", "Right Set of Features", "Simple" and "Transparent".

Microntech has presence all over India and is a preferred supplier for many manufacturers in India. To know more about assembly solutions provided by Microntech please visit our website  www.microntechgroup.com  or you can contact your nearest Microntech branch to schedule a demo or a visit for any issues you are facing on your assembly line.