Cordless Nutrunner

Kilews Cordless Nutrunner find great use in automobile industry owing to its super durable motor, high carbon steel clutch and ergonomic design. Kilews Cordless tool provide unique benefits to manufacturer as Kilews Cordless tool provides torque upto 22Nm in pistol orientation, 60Nm in angle orientation and 4.5Nm in straight orientation, these torque values are way above the torque available in other tools present in market.

Kilews cordless tools helps customer to avoid the hassles of electric and pneumatic cables on assembly lines. It gives more freedom to operator with its portability and ergonomics. With high accuracy of repeatability Kilews Cordless Nutrunners finds great use on all critical applications where loose or over tight tightening could mean poor performance of the finished product. Kilews Cordless tool finds great use in final assembly of automobiles where lot of small screws are tightened.

With 18V battery, Kilews gives high grade industrial batteries to power their tools. Having 18V battery gives high performance to customers because they can give long life and last for whole shift without charging. In case of lower power batteries lot of time is wasted in exchanging the dead battery with charged one and putting the old battery on charging. Kilews Battery comes with five cell balancing technology and gives controlled power to the nutrunner.

Cordless Nutrunner have one more major benefit that they make the assembly line look more clean and organized, whereas pneumatic and electric tools come with clumsiness of cables hanging on assembly line, making it look unorganized and can also lead to accidents in case cables are not hanged and routed properly. Only disadvantage a cordless nutrunner can have is their weight, as they are not supposed to be hanged, but Kilews has developed their nutrunners with Nylon Fiber body which makes it very strong and light at the same time. Using Nylon Fiber make tool weight very light compared to other plastic body tools in market.

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