Estic High Speed DC Nutrunners

When we talk about the DC nutrunners it simply means the tool with high accuracy , with more features & with complete poka yoke , but there is also a disadvantage in DC nutrunners that is low RPM because most of the DC nutrunners have low RPM , it sometime disturb the rate of production , sometime tool not able to match the takt time of application , so its somewhere loss for the company . Also when we go for high torque series tool they have very low RPM compare to low torque series models & more reaction also . So what we need is the tool with high RPM & with zero reaction . So here we talk about the ESTIC high speed & reactionless nutrunners . Estic have the years of experience & its complete focus on only DC tool makes it different from others . So estic has made some of the high speed & reactionless tools in various orientation like pistol , angular and in cordless also . Also they didn’t have the reaction which makes its complete compatible for high rate production lines.


Type of Estic: –



Angular type tools are more famous in market , so estic has angular high speed tool which starts from 4Nm and available upto 140 Nm. without any reaction . So they have the two advantage high RPM & zero reaction . These tools are operated on “Pulse Mode” and they have the ±5% accuracy . Like if we talk about the first model of estic of this series which is EH2-H0020-A , this tool is for 4-20Nm torque & have the 1540 RPM . Normally we got 700-800 Rpm on this torque range , but estic has double rpm on this range . Now we take its last model of this series which is EH2-H2140-A , this tool is for 28-140 Nm. & have 753 RPM , here this tool also have double rpm from other tools on this torque range , normally we get 300-400 Rpm on this torque range . Also they don’t have any reaction , we can operate this tool by single hand .



Pistol type tools are more ergonomic compare to angular tools in all brands . so estic has these high speed & reactionless tools which starts from 3Nm and available upto 50Nm. so the advantages are same as angular , no reaction & high speed performance makes it differ from others . now take one model EH2-S1050-P , this tool is for 10-50Nm & have 2121 rpm . so again we get double rpm compare to other tools on this torque range . We can use this pistol tool by single hand on up to 50Nm.



Estic new cordless series are very unique in the market , they have the big range of tools & cover huge torque also . Like in pistol type they have the EHC-L0026-PZ1 , this tool is for 5.2-26Nm & have 936 Rpm , also Again they don’t have any reaction . Next is angular cordless tool which is available upto 100 Nm whose model is EHC-T2100-AZ1 , this tool is for 20-100Nm & have 610 RPM , we can operate these all tool by single hand.