Handheld Nutrunner : Tracer Arm


  • The Tracer Arm is an application for Handy 2000 (Handheld Nutrunner) equipped with a sensor that detects the current position of the tool mounted on an assisting arm that eliminates the stress of the reaction force during fastening and the weight of the tool on the operator.
  • According to the operation procedure manual, different tightening torques are defined in the tightening order and the tightening part, eliminating operator mistakes and providing high traceability by associating tightening torque with tightening position (coordinates).
  • The Arm Body can be selected according to installation space and tightening torque. Three types are available in our lineup (Low Torque, High torque, Vertical Type).
  • The system configuration is performed with only the Arm Unit and the Dedicated Control Unit; no control board such as PLC is necessary. No difficult wiring process is needed, thanks to the NET Cable plug-in specification for connection with the Handy2000 Lite/Touch controller.
  • Since the position of the tool start trigger is not restricted by the 360 degrees rotation mechanism of the rotary grip (option), it is well suited for a process where work efficiency is important.

estic tracer arm estic tracer arm

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